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How can you find things in a library?

There are three ways to find material in a library.

Ask a librarian
Browse the shelves
Use the library catalog (OPAC)

OPAC searching

To start a search, enter a keyword or multiple words in the search box then click Go or press “Enter”

How to access E-books

E-book is an electronic version of printed book. In addition to physical books, the library possesses hundreds of electronic books. These books are cataloged, so you may access them via local area network when you search for OPAC. E-Books will have a link that says Read full text.

What do the search fields mean?

Library catalog:

This will look for your search terms anywhere in all the fields. It is useful for unknown item search option.


This will take you to an alphabetical list of all of the titles in the catalog, starting with the search terms you entered. Use this to find specific titles that you're looking for.


This will take you to an alphabetical list of all the authors in the catalog.


This will take you to an alphabetical list of the controlled vocabulary for the catalog, starting with your search term.

News and Announcements
Welcome to the 15th graduation of the Zanzibar University to be held at Tunguu main campus on Wednesday 13th December, 2017 from 8:00 Hrs to 14:00 Hrs.

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